Dolina Noteci Premium

Your cat is special, therefore we have created something completely new! Dolina Noteci Superfood wet cat food is an innovative line which fully covers the demand for all nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Its formula is based on high quality meats, fish and crustaceans, taking into account specific nutritional requirements of adult cats – carnivores. Daily and long-lasting use of Dolina Noteci Superfood series provides ingredients which have been scientifically proven to have a dietoprophylactic effect on your pet’s body. There is a reason why this line of cat foods is called Superfood, as it contains valuable functional additives such as: blue mussel, spirulina, peppermint, fenugreek seeds and flaxseed which have beneficial influence on the entire organism, mainly on the proper functioning of the digestive system, skin and hair coat as well as joints.

Dolina Noteci Superfood

This is the name given to foods which besides containing all nutrients, minerals and vitamins, also provide extremely valuable bioactive compounds, antioxidants and fibre. The combination of the above has a beneficial effect on health. Not only does superfood nourish the body and keep it in excellent shape, but it also has diet-preventive properties, i.e. it protects against the occurrence of diet-related diseases (cardiovascular, skeletal systems). Systematic use of this products stimulates functions of the immune system, thus positive effects are observed throughout the body.

Piper Animals

It is a good quality food that contains high-quality protein and meat including animal products. When formulating Piper Animals cat food, the protein components were chosen so that the content of all amino acids was as high as possible. Carbohydrate components are also important, providing energy necessary for the proper protein digestion and amino acid absorption. This makes Piper Animals easy to digest and does not put any strain on the dog’s digestive tract. It is a perfect food for adult cats as it covers 100% of the daily demand for all minerals and vitamins.

Rafi Cat

RAFI pet food line is considered one of the leading brands on the Polish market. These complete meals with ingredients precisely adapted to the needs of adult and junior dogs have been develo-ped based on the latest norms and nutritional guidelines. They are exceptional for their complete proteins with high digestibility, selected from meat and animal derivatives. Moreover, stable raw materials used in RAFI pet food guarantee an unchanging content of nutrients, minerals and vitamins.


Luger’s food is the answer to the specific nutritional requirements of adult cats. As they are carnivorous animals, the carefully developed recipe is based exclusively on selected types of meat and animal products. High content of complete protein and fat favourably influences the taste of food from this line. Its composition has been enriched with valuable functional additives, such as brewer’s yeast, New Zealand mussel and Psyllium seed, which regulate and support many of the cat’s vital functions.