NATURAL TASTE complete food for dogs is a tasty formula consisting mainly of meat and products of animal origin. They are easy to digest, perfectly adapted by adult dogs and contain vitamins and minerals. The high proportion of muscle tissue and various types of offal in Natural Taste foods provides your pet with complete protein, which is rich in all essential amino acids. The feeds are full of nutrients, which effectively stimulate digestive processes. The right proportions of n-6 and n-3 fatty acids ensure proper energy levels and control of the dog’s metabolic processes. The addition of linseed oil supports the digestive system, moisturises the skin and reduces inflammation.


  • Natural Taste Czarna Owca
  • Natural Taste Dziki Dzik
  • Natural Taste Kurka Wodna
  • Natural Taste Wściekły Byk


  • can 400 g
  • can 800 g