Dolina Noteci Premium

Dolina Noteci Premium Dish for adult dogs of all breeds is a line characterized by a unique recipe, based on a high content of meat and animal products – 87-90%. Enriched with added vegetables, such as carrots, peppers and potatoes, as well as pasta and natural brown rice, this wet food provides a complete, balanced meal for your pet. The addition of Plantago seed regulates digestive functions. The food contains no preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or flavor enhancers.

Dolina Noteci Superfood

From today on, you do not have to wonder what to give your dog any more! This unique product, which you have in your hands, is a perfect combination of wet and dry food. The original recipe and innovative production method make dried food a complete and tasty meal. Top-quality ingredients are mixed together, formed into aromatic croquettes of various sizes and then dried by warm air.

Piper Animals

PIPER ANIMALS pet food contains high quality protein from carefully selected, meat and animal derivatives. While preparing the compositions, we’ve chosen protein components which ensure the highest possible amino acid content. Carbohydrate ingredients are also important as they are responsible for digestion of proteins and absorption of amino acids. That’s why PIPER ANIMALS pet food is easily digestible and does not burden the dog’s gastrointestinal tract.


RAFI pet food line is considered one of the leading brands on the Polish market. These complete meals with ingredients precisely adapted to the needs of adult and junior dogs have been develo-ped based on the latest norms and nutritional guidelines. They are exceptional for their complete proteins with high digestibility, selected from meat and animal derivatives. Moreover, stable raw materials used in RAFI pet food guarantee an unchanging content of nutrients, minerals and vitamins.


Luger’s wet dog food can be given to all dog breeds. Its specially selected composition is particularly suitable for pets with gastric problemsand indigestion, as it contains no cereals. The essential amino acids and fatty acids in the food are provided by deer, turkey, lamb and beef meat. The addition of salmon and flaxseed oils provides correct amount of n-3 fatty acids. It is supplemented with fruit and vegetables, providing vitamins and minerals, as well as psyllium seeds and brewer’s yeast, which ensure proper metabolism