Since the beginning of its activities, the company has set as its main goal production of high-quality products and promotion of healthy feeding of cats and dogs. Due to the use of only carefully selected ingredients, passing through a multi-stage selection process, as well as work of experienced technicians, the final product places Dolina Noteci among the leading producers of highest-quality pet food. The company obtains its raw materials solely from reputable and reliable suppliers, included on the “List of qualified suppliers for the Dolina Noteci Pet Food Production Plant.” Most of meat products used in food production fulfil the quality requirements of products intended for human consumption. The company also uses fresh vegetables and fruit originating from local suppliers – carrots, potatoes, apples of consumption quality, which are washed and cut on site before going into production.  Moreover, all plant materials are free of GMO. The company’s mission is the education of customers and suppliers on the fact that complete and nutritious pet food can be prepared only from the highest quality products. Animals deserve the best; therefore, Dolina Noteci conducts audits of suppliers in order to be certain that only fresh and rigorously controlled ingredients go into the food. This allows the producer to guarantee the quality and taste of its products, which are valued not only in Poland, but also abroad. Since 2016, the company has opened its doors to their customers, who can visit the production facility and observe pet food production process. Dolina Noteci wishes to be transparent to its customers; therefore, it shows fresh raw materials which are used to produce the pet food. Customers can smell and become convinced that only the best ingredients are added to the food.