Dolina Noteci – the pioneer of pet food

In the northern part of the Wielkopolska province right beside the highest hill, Dębowa Góra, amidst picturesque countryside, “Dolina Noteci” – one of the most modern pet food production plants in Europe is situated. The name itself reflects not only the rural location of the company, but also its activity which are a healthy lifestyle and properly combined food for pets, made with love. The pet food is made up of the best raw materials, high-quality products, fresh fruit and vegetables from local suppliers. Thanks to the gifts of nature offered by this clean region, the food produced at Dolina Noteci satisfies even the most sophisticated animal palate. Most importantly, the whole process may be viewed by anyone, as the facility has been adapted for being visited by animal lovers.

All because of the President …

Dolina Noteci knows how to look after the dog’s palate – they do it best because the face of the brand, and at the same time the quality controller of the food, is the President – the company dog. A team of specialized technicians watch over the food recipes, their flavour and beneficial influence on the dog’s organism. Nobody looks after him as well as the team at Dolina Noteci – they know him best. The President is treated as a member of the team – he takes part in important meetings, accompanies the workers on business trips and even integration events such as kayaking and off-road racing.

… because Dolina Noteci is not only pet food

Dolina Noteci is a brand for which promoting healthy and active lifestyle is important – that’s why they have the following teams under their wings: football – Dolina Noteci Soccer Team, racing – Dolina Noteci Rally Team, and sponsor the world champions in dog-sledding – Igor Tracz and the Dolina Noteci Racing Team. A healthy lifestyle and physical activity are part of the brand’s philosophy. The entire team at Dolina Noteci prove that their company is the best not only at producing pet food. In every field of their activities, Dolina Noteci teams attain high rankings.

Quality speaks for itself

The position that Dolina Noteci has achieved in Poland has allowed it to develop the brand also on foreign markets. This Polish pet food may be found on the shelves of pet stores in Germany, Romania, Belgium, Greece, Russia and Lithuania… And that’s not all. Extending the facility has allowed an increase in production capability; therefore, for next year the firm foresees considerable export growth. The flagship export product is the Piper line, in which single-protein, junior and senior pet foods are available. Expansion of this line is continuing and the producer is constantly fostering its development and enrichment with new flavours and functional foods.

Choose the best

The producer’s flagship line on the Polish pet market is Dolina Noteci Premium. Making use of the goods derived from the geographic location of the pet food production facility, the company uses Polish fruit and vegetables that are carefully cultivated and gathered by the farmers of  the Noteć Valley (in Polish – Dolina Noteci), whose fields are near the factory. Thanks to their cooperation, Dolina Noteci has the certainty that the food contains only the best. Choicely selected, high-quality meat ingredients, together with fresh Polish fruits and vegetables, allow making products of the highest quality.

We play fair

Moreover, Dolina Noteci, as a trustworthy company, openly informs its consumers about the composition of the products. Pet food labels provide detailed information concerning ingredients, analytical constituents and nutritional additives used in the production process. As one of only few companies, Dolina Noteci makes research results of its products available to consumers, to provide as much information regarding the nutritional value as possible. Dolina Noteci Pet Food Production Plant in Polanowo has a very well developed distribution network across the entire country, which allows the company to reach a wider group of consumers with its products. As for the Polish market, the firm concentrates on two distribution channels: grocery and pet stores. The RAFI brand, which quality is as high as the market leaders, is intended for the grocery store segment. Moreover, the RAFI brand is considered to be one of the leading brands on the Polish pet food market. “More and more often, customers supporting the development of Polish economy emphasize and appreciate the fact that Dolina Noteci is a Polish producer,” comments Krzysztof Kubicki, Field Sales Manager at Dolina Noteci.

With care for the customers

Following new trends, Dolina Noteci has also opened an online store. All those who decide to purchase pet food over the Internet, can count on professional service.  Letters of intent, gadgets for dog owners, frequent free gifts added to orders and an individual approach to each customer are features that distinguish Dolina Noteci’s online shop from others. For orders made on Wednesdays the customer does not have to cover delivery costs. Besides pet food, the online store’s range includes exclusive pet-care products of the Wahl and Reliq brands. The online store has also been designed to facilitate customers’ purchases as much as possible – due to the inclusion of a range of expert advice on matters of pet nutrition, the owner should have no problem in choosing the right food for their pet.  Each pet owner may also contact Dr. Jacek Wilczak – an expert on animal nutrition, in order to obtain individual advice concerning the diet of his/her pet.

Environmentally friendly

One of the most beautiful valleys in Poland – the geographic Noteć Valley (Dolina Noteci) was distinguished in the “7 new wonders of Poland” competition in the “Nature” category. Amidst the beautiful meadows, forests and oxbow lakes the “Dolina Noteci” Pet Food Production Plant is located. Staff managing the factory recognize their responsibility for the environment in which they work every day; that is why they care for it at every stage of their operations. One of the assets of the facility’s operations is its method of heating – with natural gas, emitting only a small amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Repeated use is made of utilities in the factory’s operations, e.g. water is used in a few production processes, while the whole company is lighted with LED technology. The pet food production facility could not operate without cooling systems; however, those used at Dolina Noteci are based on modern, environmentally-friendly factors. The factory also practises segregation of packaging waste, which is later recycled. The plans for a modern facility also include erecting a photo-voltaic farm, which will provide energy required for the facility’s operations.

Social responsibility

An especially important element of our strategy is social responsibility. We are aware that our activities have an effect on the life of pets – also those forgotten ones who have not found their home. Therefore, the company engages in various activities of a pro-social and charitable character, in the area of care and assistance of animals. As a producer of pet food we are especially sensitive to their fate. Voluntary, active campaigns undertaken by our firm, with the purpose of creating a better social environment, include not only a systematic donation of food for needing animals, but also supporting initiatives involving the adoption of homeless and stray cats and dogs. It should be remembered that citizens have not only rights, but also duties concerning the environment in which they live. Initiatives undertaken for the welfare of animals are an integral part of our activities.