RAFI – a complete pet food line which covers 100% dogs’ daily needs for all nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Its composition has been balanced basing on modern nutrition standards and proper feeding recommendations for adult and young dogs, as well as puppies. RAFI wet pet food provides proper bone and teeth mineralization. It also ensures correct metabolic processes. The recipe is free from preservatives, artificial colours or aromas that enhance taste or stimulate dog’s appetite. The composition including highest quality, carefully selected meat and animal derivatives is a great source of complete protein, which contains all exogenous amino acids. Thanks to modern production methods and carefully selected ingredients, Rafi pet food is characterized by high digestibility index.

Rafi wet pet food contains:

    • complete protein and unsaturated fatty acids, i.e. components
      essential for correct growth and development on every life stage
      of a pet;
    • in adult dog range – linseed oil, an excellent source of n-3 and n-6
      fatty acids, vitamin E and biologically active anti-inflammatory
      compounds, along with valuable phytosterols, which improve
      functioning of the digestive system;
    • in Junior range – salmon oil which supports natural immunity;
    • fruit – cranberry and North American blueberry with strong
      antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties;
    • thyme – stimulating the production of digestive enzymes and
      naturally improving pet food’s palatability.

Available in 400 g and 800 g cans.