Luger's wet dog food

Luger’s wet dog food can be given to all dog breeds. Its specially selected
composition is particularly suitable for pets with gastric problems
and indigestion, as it contains no cereals. The essential amino acids and
fatty acids in the food are provided by deer, turkey, lamb and beef meat.
The addition of salmon and flaxseed oils provides correct amount of n-3
fatty acids. It is supplemented with fruit and vegetables, providing vitamins
and minerals, as well as psyllium seeds and brewer’s yeast, which
ensure proper metabolism.

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Luger's wet dog food dish

Luger’s wet dog food is a unique dish that covers 100% of the daily demand for all
nutrients, minerals, vitamins and biologically active substances for adult dogs. The food is free from preservatives, colourings or attractants. High proportion of meat and offal in the form of beef, pork and chicken (70%) makes Luger’s pet food a highly digestible meal wich is recommended for all dogs. What is more, these raw materials are ‘human grade’ quality, i.e. intended for human consumption. The ingredients used in this product are of high nutritional value due to the content of fatty acids, both from the n-6 and n-3 family, and correct proportions between EPA and DHA. The meat species which constitute the basis of the recipe, ensure the presence of wholesome protein with high digestibility. Minerals and vitamins are present in the best-absorbed form. Thanks to the precise selection of raw materials Luger’s wet dog food is easy to digest, perfectly suited to the diet of an adult dog and, above all, a sensory feast for the dog’s palate!

Luger's dry food

Luger’s dry food is a complete product for daily feeding of adult dogs, covering all nutritional requirements necessay to maintain proper health parameters.

Luger’s dry food include:

  • dried chicory – a source of inulin, a natural prebiotic, beneficial for the synthesis of vitamins in the intestines,
  • extract from Mojave yucca – supports regeneration of intestinal mucosa, improves digestion and absorption of nutrients,
  • glucosamine – a substance naturally present in cartilage, retains water, increasing the elasticity of the connective tissue present in joints,
  • chondroitin sulphate – a component of cartilage tissue, improves joint cushioning,
  • salmon oil – plays an important role in the body’s defence processes and also takes care of the skin and coat,
  • linseed – a source of lignans, which moisturise the skin and help to eliminate skin inflammatory reactions,
  • rosemary – contributes to insulin secretion, lowers sugar levels in the blood.

The method of production and careful selection of raw materials make our food easily digestible.