NATURAL TASTE cat food is distinguished with high digestibility of nutrients, while the selection of raw materials of animal origin and recommended content of taurine was selected according to specific nutritional demands of cats.
The use of raw materials of animal origin in large quantities provides both high quality wholesome protein and fatty acids, among which arachidonic acid – a fatty acid indispensable in cat nutrition – is included.
The addition of linseed oil maintains the correct ratio of n-3 and n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. The food ensures all nutrients, minerals and vitamins and therefore no supplementary food or supplement is required on a daily basis. The nutritional value and energy density of the food allows for smooth and efficient intestinal passage, during which nutrients are slowly released and absorbed.

Food flavours:

  • Natural Taste Kurczę Blade
  • Natural Taste Kaczka Dziwaczka
  • Natural Taste Niewąska Gąska
  • Natural Taste Złota Rybka


  • can 185 g
  • can 400 g