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Moreover, Dolina Noteci, as a trustworthy company, openly informs its consumers about the composition of the products. Pet food labels provide detailed information concerning ingredients, analytical constituents and nutritional additives used in the production process. As one of only few companies, Dolina Noteci makes research results of its products available to consumers, to provide as much information regarding the nutritional value as possible. Dolina Noteci Pet Food Production Plant in Polanowo has a very well developed distribution network across the entire country, which allows the company to reach a wider group of consumers with its products. As for the Polish market, the firm concentrates on two distribution channels: grocery and pet stores. The RAFI brand, which quality is as high as the market leaders, is intended for the grocery store segment. Moreover, the RAFI brand is considered to be one of the leading brands on the Polish pet food market. “More and more often, customers supporting the development of Polish economy emphasize and appreciate the fact that Dolina Noteci is a Polish producer,” comments Krzysztof Kubicki, Field Sales Manager at Dolina Noteci.